My Journey In Forex Over The Last 4 Years

Well what can i say about my journey in the world of Forex trading. I like many others started with no knowledge at all in the world of trading. Just like the forex markets themselves my journey and experience has had many ups and downs.

From the beginning i always had a thirst for wanting to learn as much as i could. But who would of thought that after all this time i would be teaching others on the my experience and thoughts behind the market moves and analysis. I'm by no means a professional trader, just an average Joe that has stayed the course of this rocky relationship and the love and thrill of trading the markets.

My first year like many others had more downs then ups this is the phase where if you can ride out the mindset of its never going to work, which on many occasions i thought in my first 3 to 5 months i possibly would of quit. But my determination on being successful kept me plugging away and when things got too much i simply gave myself a break for a few days.

After my first year which if i'm honest i spent most of my time using a Demo account to trade, i started with a small live account at this time i really didn't know much about the risk to reward element of the trading only thing i had was i had learnt a bit about retail trading support resistance amongst other things.

I went into this like a bull in a china shop thinking i knew it all, oh how i was wrong. Numerous accounts blown time and time again. After this set me back i decided to once again document what my experience had been in my trading diary.

This lead me into around my second year where i knew i had some understanding on the market structure but knew my money management had let me down. So year 2 was spent learning a bit more in the risk to reward side of things more on market structure and i joined a platform and found a Mentor that i followed religiously. To which to this day i owe a tremendous amount of respect and thanks to,

As i went into my 3rd year i now had an amazing mindset into risk to rewards a better understanding and knowledge into market structure which lead me to being able to look at strategies and make them work a bit better for the tools we used within our trading community which fast became one of the leading strategies we used not only amongst ourselves but also on the live trading sessions we held over 30 hours a week. This in itself made me proud of how far i had came in the know i truly had turned a corner in my journey. To put it in a better context it was like i had been trying to drive in a thick fog and could not see. But once things started to fall into place that very thick fog had started to lift and not only did i have a skill set and an understanding of the forex market, i could trade from the naked chart with great effect.

After all of this falling into place, i decided to start paying it forward and help others which was never my intention, but after seeing the power that this very skill set can give you by making you more financially free i started to build the Brand Name you have all seen today Forex Fire.

My vision and aim and more so my mission, is to give people a free resource area and a place to come and learn and be part of a trading Community as in my journey this was the very thing that kept me going, being part of a Community there is always strength in numbers and been able to trade with friends is what spurs your determination on to win not only

for yourself but to see others win with you.

That is why i built my own Discord Channel which you can request to join right now but to get into this Free Resource Channel you simply just join my Facebook Page <----( Clickable Link )

I have many other platforms i'm please to be building upon

YouTube <----( Clickable Link )

Twitter <----( Clickable Link )

Pinterest <----( Clickable Link )

Instagram <----( Clickable Link )

I hope you have enjoy this little Blog post on my journey through Forex.

If i had any words of wisdom it would be to stay the course of your journey trust in what you are learning and surround yourself with a Community of others after the same purpose and common goal.

All that is left to say is a massive thank you to those that follow me that have believed in me and those in the future want to become part of my exciting journey

i appreciate you all, as if it was not for my audience i would not be doing the things i love today.

Kind Regards

Forex Fire

John Docherty

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