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Forex Fire Fast Pass Service
Now available for our customers in the United States of America

Here at Forex Fire we have some fantastic news for our customers in the USA. We are now offering an exclusive Fast Pass Service for Prop firm challenges in the USA. As we all know trading the financial markets can be a simple process, but when we are put under pressure to complete the challenges that the prop firms set, everything changes. All of a sudden you feel under pressure to meet the parameters set by the prop firm and contend with the with the fears that after all your efforts you could still have a loosing streak and fail right at the last minute.

All this happens because of the emotional fears of loss.

With the FOREX FIRE PROP FIRM FAST PASS SERVICE we can assure you a fully completed prop firm challenge within just 3 days of your purchase. But also as a guarantee, if by chance we do not get the pass we will offer a full refund of your Fast Pass Payment. So this offer is 100% guaranteed.

Here at Forex Fire we have been extensively testing our EA algorithm for the past six months and have passed in excess of 30 challenges with 100% success rate, so we are very confident that we will be able to hand you your prop firm account ready for use from day one, then once you have completed all your KYC documentation you will be ready to start your trading journey and start earning that income you have always dreamt of.

For a limited time only we can offer this full prop firm pass for discounted price of $249.00. 

All you need to do is go to purchase any account size and await your login details. At this point do not login to your account. This will disrupt the process. Just send us the details direct to John at FOREX FIRE. This can be done by joining the FOREX FIRE DISCORD or on the contact us below button.

As a special bonus until the end of 2023 we are offering at further discount

Till December 31st you can grab this at an exclusive price of only


In addition to this we have been given an exclusive 5% discount on all NOVA challenges. 

Please request more info before purchasing your challenge.


Step 1. Grab your NOVA Funding account here

Step 2. Contact Mr Forex Fire and give me the account login details

Step 3. Sit back and let us do the work. 

Step 4. We will contact you with 72hrs with your fully funded account.

Enjoy your trading

We look forward to helping you with your trading journey and getting you funded.


Lets get trading! 

All the best to our fantastic customers in the United States of America,


See below what customers are saying

A product of the fast pass system!! 🔥 I am a 6 figure trader all thanks to John at Forex Fire !!!!!! 🙌 💯 I have already received a payout from nova into my account and I can confirm that this is 100% legit. This is certainly going to make a difference to my life. For less than what your mobile phone cost you, you can change your life.



Big thanks to John at FOREX FIRE for helping me secure my $100k prop firm account.

Now im looking forward to the possibilities .

Another addition to my personal funded accounts. Successfully pass with our Fast

Pass system. 

Nova Prop fund payout certifcate
Nova prop firm pass challenge certificate
NOVA funding prop frim challange pass certificate
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